The SCA currently has active branches in North America, Europe, Australasia, Asia, and Africa. This “Known World” is divided into Kingdoms. Each Kingdom has a Sovereign and Consort selected by tournament combat. Some of the kingdoms include Principalities ruled by individuals also chosen by combat. These organizations are responsible for the smaller branches based in individual towns, cities, or counties. If you are unsure of where your local chapter is located, you can find it online at:

Types of Groups

Kingdom: area ruled by a pair of Monarchs.
Principality: area within a kingdom ruled by a pair of nobility titled Prince/ess.
Region: smaller area of a kingdom or principality, usually without a ceremonial representative.
Barony: area administered by a Baron and/or Baroness, the ceremonial representative(s) of the Crown.
Canton: local branch reporting through a barony.
Province: equivalent of barony without ceremonial representative.
Riding: local branch reporting through a province.
Shire: local branch reporting directly to a kingdom or principality.
College: institutional branch based at a school, research facility, etc.
Stronghold: institutional branch based at a military installation.
Port: institutional branch based at a military installation in situations where groups of members will be detached for long periods, as with ships at sea


The West Kingdom (1966) – Northern California, most of Nevada, and Alaska, as well as Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the Pacific Rim (excluding Australia and New Zealand).

The East Kingdom (1968) – eastern Pennsylvania, eastern New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut,
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In Canada, it covers Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.

Midrealm (1969) – Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, lower Michigan, and parts of Kentucky, Iowa, and Ontario.

Atenveldt (1971). – Arizona.

Meridies (1978) – Alabama; almost all of Georgia; all Middle and East Tennessee, plus a substantial portion of
West Tennessee; a bit of the panhandle of Florida; and a small portion of Kentucky.

Caid (1978) – Southern California, the Las Vegas metropolitan area, and Hawaii.

Ansteorra (1979) – Oklahoma and most of Texas.

Atlantia (1981) – Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, as well as Augusta Georgia and the
District of Columbia.

An Tir (1982) – Oregon, Washington, and the northern tips of Idaho, and part of the Canadian province of
British Columbia.

Calontir (1984) – Kansas, Missouri, most of Iowa, Nebraska, and part of northwest Arkansas.

Trimaris (1985) – Majority of Florida; lays claim to Panama.

The Outlands (1986) – New Mexico and Colorado, parts of Wyoming, the Nebraska panhandle, El Paso County
and Hudspeth County in Texas.

Drachenwald (1993) – All of Europe (including islands), Africa, and the Middle East.

Artemisia (1997) – Montana, southern Idaho, Utah, and southwestern Wyoming. Æthelmearc (1997)
Northeastern/central/western Pennsylvania, central/western New York, and West Virginia.

Ealdormere (1998) – most of the Canadian province of Ontario.

Lochac (2002) – Australia and New Zealand.

Northshield (2004) – North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of
Michigan. It also extends into Canada, encompassing Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

Gleann Abhann (2005) – Mississippi, Louisiana, most of Arkansas, and the western edge of Tennessee including
the Memphis area.

Avacal (2015) – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and part of British Columbia

The above information is from page 5 of the article “A Newcomers Guide to the SCA“.

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