Awards and Titles

Non-armigerous: Bestows neither title nor precedence. These are awarded for a specific reason in a specific field.

Armigerous: Bestows the title of Lord, Lady, Laird, Noble, or Armiger. The first tier of precedence-bearing awards. These are awarded for those who have started to progress in their area of expertise. The most recognized is the Award of Arms.

Grant: Granted for those who have shown a high level of skill and competency in their area of expertise. Some kingdoms add the honorific “Honorable” to the form of address.

Patent: Patent of arms are granted for expertise in the various fields. These awards are Society-wide and are recognized throughout all the kingdoms.

In many kingdoms, the Order of the Rose is also a Peerage-level award, and it is likewise recognized across the kingdoms of the SCA. Roses are those who served their kingdom by ruling as Consort. In each kingdom, the Crown consults with their kingdom’s members of the Order before creating a new Peer.


Order of Chivalry
Reason given: Chivalric combat.
Title: Sir or Dame
Insignia: White belt and unadorned chain

Order of Defense
Reason given: Rapier combat.
Title: Master or Mistress
Insignia: White livery collar usually bearing a badge of the order

Order of the Pelican
Reason given: Service.
Title: Master or Mistress
Insignia: a cap of Maintenance and/or a badge of the order worn as a medallion

Order of the Laurel
Reason given: Arts and Sciences.
Title: Master or Mistress
Insignia: Laurel wreath worn on the head and/or badge of the order worn as a medallion


TitleReason GivenForm of Address
“Landed” Baron or BaronessRepresentative of the King/Queen for a baronyYour Excellency
Court Baron or BaronessThose who have been granted the title of Baron/ness for service to the kingdom.Your Excellency
Viscount or ViscountessFormer ceremonial head of a PrincipalityYour Excellency
Count or CountessOne reign as Sovereign or consortYour Excellency
Duke or DuchessTwo or more reigns as Sovereign or consort.Your Grace
King or QueenSymbolic leaders of the KingdomYour Majesty
Crown Prince or PrincessNext in line to lead the KingdomYour Royal Highness
Prince or PrincessRepresentatives of the King/Queen for a PrincipalityYour Royal Highness
Grant of ArmsRecognition for specializing in a particular areaYour Lordship or Ladyship
Award of ArmsRecognition for demonstrating a particular gift in a particular areaLord or Lady

Each kingdom has established regulations for awards and insignia. A list of current alternate titles can be here.

The above information is from pages 11 and 12 of the article “A Newcomers Guide to the SCA“ and Class Two: Overview of Awards and Peerage in the SCA handout.

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