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Tudor Monastery Farm – Growing Peas

Preview: Have you and your kiddos watch an educational video about the Tudor times to see the process of growing peas then plant some yourself!
Recommended Age(s): 3+
Time: About 2 hours
Materials Required: Peas or beans (can be found in any grocery store), a place to sow them, and access to Youtube
Full Instructions: The video can be found here and is about an hour long. For more SCA fun, you can have the group dress in garb that fits the time period (approx. 1485-1603 CE)!
After the video, have the group move out to the plot of land and throw handfuls of seeds around the area you wish for them to grow. Even in Southern California, extra watering was not needed for the peas to grow! For extra Tudor Monastery fun, paint a picture of the Patron Saint of Farmers!

Illuminated Letters

Preview: Spend a day painting Illuminated letters!
Recommended Age(s): 3+
Time: Anywhere between 40 minutes to a whole day!
Materials Required: Illuminated Letters (either from a coloring book or a print pages from a quick internet search), coloring materials**
Optional Materials: Construction paper, scissors and glue.
Full Instructions: This activity is really that simple, print some Illuminated Letter pages and color until your heart is content! For those with the option materials handy, cut out illuminated letter, glue it to a piece of construction paper and decorate it as well!

**Please note the Canton of Summergate is in no way affiliated with the companies in the provided links for coloring pages and coloring books. These are simply suggestions for you to use.

Stained Glass Sidewalk

Preview: Spend a sometime outside to make lovely sidwalk art that resembles stained glass!
Recommended Age(s): 3+
Time: Anywhere between 30 minutes to a whole day!
Materials Required: Masking tape, sidewalk chalk in various colors, and a sidewalk
Full Instructions: Begin by taking some time to plot out your stained glass design or just place the masking tape in fun ways to make a pattern. Color in the spaces between the masking tape using sidewalk chalk. When you’re all finished, peel up the masking tape to reveal the finished “stained glass.”

Photo Credits: Dushenka Ani Silberfarb – Youth Activities Officer

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