Cost of Being Crown

Good Evening Caid,

We had some passionate discussion threads today in the Kingdom FB Group. These are good discussions to have. With the Crown Tournament around the corner and our Kingdom Regalia being stolen, it would make sense that “the cost of being Crown” is on everyone’s mind.

One of the advantages of the SCA is our longevity as a club, the experience of our members and potential for adjustment depending on who is reigning & coordinating the Kingdom. This can provide us with historic information on how we have done things in the past, a look at what has worked before and how we can create for the future.

This topic today was one that people are very passionate about which generates a lot of emotions. This is valid. The dream of becoming Royals for the Kingdom is one that drives many of us to participate. Each reign will be different, providing unique environments and inspiration for the dream.

There is no “right” way to be Royals, but it is good to know that we have years of experience and history on how it has worked in the past. It is also great to see that we have many people looking for ways to try something new, building on our strong foundations. As we look forward, each Reign will create their own way and progress. The Kingdom has many ways to provide support, as well as built-in logistics so the SCA will always go forward.

It does look like this is a topic where we could host more discussions and create opportunities for us to share our thoughts. Please know that we are all feeling a wide array of emotions, particularly given the very recent loss of our regalia and the history in those items. With Crown Tournament and Great Western War coming up, I look forward to seeing everyone continuing to actively engage in building our medieval club and its shared future. With these strengths, Caid can only grow and shine.

In this spirit, I will keep this thread open to continue our conversation so we can keep working together to build our Kingdom’s future.

Thank you.

In Service,
Sir Tiberius
Kingdom Seneschal

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